Teams integration to improve coordination and collaboration of front line workers

Boarding a plane can be the most chaotic aspect of air travel. From double booked seats to bags needing to be checked at the gate — or passengers arriving from late connecting flights — any number of factors could slow down the process. In a situation where timing is key to success, it is necessary to coordinate between multiple teams to ensure planes depart on time.

This Teams/3rd Party intergration demonstrates the breadth and scope of the product so well, it was presented as part of Rajesh Jha's keynote presentation at Build 2019


During boarding, flight attendants need to communicate with multiple groups and have private conversations. At present this requires switching back and forth between a variety tools. 


4 Weeks


• Designer
• Envisioning participant


• Sketch


After a 2 day envisioning session we defined several guidelines that impact multipe areas:

WHAT A tool to facilitate easier communication within and between teams around a flight. 

WHO Individuals and their associated groups involved in getting a flight off on time.

WHY It is easier, quickier, and better organized to keep all communications in a single environment.


I supported the Design Lead during the envisioning session. We began by asking a variery of stakeholders questions that identified scenarios and uncovered current pain points to avoid them in future designs. Each user group had their own set of concerns and requirements. Answers were noted on the large whiteboard and the scenario took shape. At the end of the two day session, both parties had a clear vision of success, understanding of roles, and next steps to take.

Notes taken during the envisioning session:


User flow

Referring back to the guidelines, we created a scenario that exemplifies the scope of Teams and increased breadth with the integration of additional apps. This user flow begins with a member of the flight crew and follows them through completion of the boarding process.

Clickable prototype of the flight crew member flow